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Note: We lost our dear Boston terrier, Lily on April 11, 2018. For now, I'm not deleting pictures or mentions of her. Rest in peace, Lily.

Okay, this is the page that's just for those of you who wonder about the man behind the books.

First, the basics. I was born and reared in the small Ohio River town of East Liverpool, OH. I grew up with my parents and two sisters on the banks of the Ohio, 45 minutes west of Pittsburgh. My hometown is known for its pottery production and has been featured in the books, Mute Witness, Dead End Street, and Big Love. I attended Miami University in Oxford, OH and got degrees in both English (with Creative Writing emphasis) and Mass Communications. After graduating from college, I moved to Chicago, where I lived most of my adult life. Most of my books have been set in Chicago--the place was very inspirational for me and still is. During my time in Chicago, I married and divorced. That union produced a son, Nicholas, who is now happily living in Montreal, Quebec with his husband, Tarik. I have also lived in Tampa, FL, Miami, FL, and Seattle, WA.

Currently, I live in Palm Springs, CA with my husband, Bruce. We love to travel, but also really enjoy the 'permanent vacation' atmosphere the beautiful Coachella Valley provides.

My love for writing began with a passion for stories that began when I was probably about four years old. I wrote my first short story when I was about six years old, first play in fourth grade, and I kept my fifth grade classmates enthralled by reading to them aloud a serial novella I wrote about a young girl's kidnapping. My first publication came in 1991 with Obsessed in Dell's lauded horror line, Abyss. Penance quickly followed, also in the Abyss line, which Stephen King himself called, "remarkable." Since then, I have been writing what I care most about: gay themed romance and sometimes, romance with a dark twist. To date, I have more than 50 works in print, including novels, novellas, and short stories.

In what little spare time I have, my passion for stories continues with a deep and abiding interest in reading (I am never not reading a book, and my favorite authors include Flannery O'Connor, James Purdy, Patricia Highsmith, Stephen King, and Ruth Rendell). I also love stories told in the media of movies and theater. I was a theater critic for nine years with the Chicago weekly, Windy City Times.

Writing has always been the way I've made my living, and when not writing suspenseful, twisted tales, I plied my craft as an advertising copywriter for associations, catalogs, and ad agencies.

My other passions include cooking, running, hiking, and travel. I've loved animals my whole life and am an active and ardent volunteer and supporter of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter

If you have any questions about me, drop me an e-mail and I'll do my best to answer them. I love hearing from my readers!

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